Dehydrated, oily and acne prone skin, all at that same time? Learn, how to handle it!

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Dehydrated, oily and acne prone skin, all at that same time? Learn, how to handle it!

Dehydrated, oily and acne prone skin, all at that same time can be a big problem to handle. But, once you understand what's the ideal skin care products for this skin type, you'll start to see results.

This skin has a dry and flaky surface with a layer of oil sitting on top followed by acne and breakouts. This condition is caused by choosing the wrong skin care products, like:

  • skin care products that are too emollient or too dry or contain harsh, skin-aggravating ingredients.
  • products that don't contain salicylic acid (BHA) or benzoyl peroxide.
  • drying soaps, harsh scrubs, or cleansing brushes.
  • toners, astringents, and products that contain high amounts of alcohol.
  • products that contain fragrances.



    Products that contain retinol, niacinamide, and vitamin C can help because these ingredients happen to improve a dull, uneven skin tone, minimize skin pores, and also have skin-restoring properties that can help skin looking healthy. 

    Additionally, skin care products with lightweight formulas that don't clog pores or make skin oilier, including gentle cleansers, liquid toners with skin-replenishing ingredients and serums or moisturizers with fluid texture and skin-restoring and replenishing ingredients such as soothing antioxidants, is a great choice. Plus, a broad spectrum sunscreen along with anti-acne products can help you get the best skin ever!

    Here's how it should look the proper skin care routine for this skin type:

    Step 1: Start with a soothing cleanser and toner - these will leave the skin thoroughly cleansed, yet replenished and soft. 

    Step 2: Continue with BHA exfoliant to unclog pores - this will soften and hydrate the skin, as it gently and naturally exfoliates and clears the pores deeply leaving the smooth-looking skin. It will also reduce the appearance of the white bumps on the cheeks and face. 

    Step 3: Finish with a light moisturizer or serum -  a moisturizer or serum that contains rejuvenating and skin-renewing ingredients will lightly moisturize the skin, leaving it silky and soft.