How to choose the foundation color?

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How to choose the foundation color?

Sometimes it is difficult to find the perfect foundation color. During the summer we have a tan and we can not use the same foundation color, which we normally use during winter times.

The foundation color is the first thing that people notice on a person and on a person’s face. If it’s too light, the person looks like a ghost. If it’s too dark, it looks like the person is wearing a mask. So, it is very important to choose the perfect foundation color, because everybody wants to make a good impression.


As a first step when choosing a foundation color, is to test the colors. In all of the stores there are testers which can serve you in finding the perfect color.

You should test the color by applying it on your wrist, because the color of the wrist is the same as the color on your face.

You need to be careful with the lights in the store. You should test the foundation on a day light. In the stores the lights are artificial, so they give a lot of unnatural light. It is better to test it next to a window. If there are no windows than you will have to test it at home.

There are 3 types of a specific sub-pigmentation. The skin tone can be warm, neutral and cool. This type of skin color is the base color so it never changes.

For the warm skin tone, the recommended shadings are the orange ones, the black ones and the red ones.

For the neutral skin tone, the recommended shadings are the beige ones, but the ones without rose or orange tones in them.

For the cool skin tone, the recommended shadings are the rose beige ones.

In order to have the perfect foundation color, it is very important to choose a foundation with a structure compatible to your skin’s type. If the foundation structure is not suitable to your skin’s structure, the foundation will look unnaturally on your face.

You will know that you have chosen the right foundation when your face doesn’t seem like it has anything on it.