How to eliminate the bad underarm odor?

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How to eliminate the bad underarm odor?

There are different causes of bad body odors. Sometimes, some diseases and hormonal changes are the reason, but sometimes it’s your personal habits that you need to change.

If you use anti - perspirants you close the pores and the skin can’t breathe.

We have found some natural solutions to get rid of the bad underarm odors.



  1. Use natural deodorants. The anti – perspirants contain toxins which accumulate in the organism through the skin. With the sweating the skin gets rid of the accumulated toxins.

The anti – perspirants are the enemies of your organism. The anti - perspirants close the pores and the skin can’t breathe so, it can’t get rid of the toxins. The skin can’t function properly.

We recommend using homemade deodorants or deodorants without parabens, without aluminum and without artificial colors.


  1. Take care of your health. Because sometimes the bad odors and the excessive sweating are a result of health problems, you have to visit a doctor to resolve this problem.

If the reason is the stress, you will have to visit a psychologist and talk to him/her.

If the condition is caused by hormones, your doctor can help you by prescribing some pills.

Sometimes the reason is the pills that you use. So, it is important to consult a doctor in order to get rid of the bad odors.


  1. Wash the armpits with a neutral soap. You should wash the armpits with a neutral soap which doesn’t disturb the pH of the skin. You can also do your own natural homemade soap which is very efficient.

 Having good hygiene habits is half of the way to get rid of the bad odors.


  1. Be careful of what you eat. The red meat and the spicy foods cause bad body odors.

To have acceptable odors, you need to eat fruits and vegetables. You should adopt a healthy way of eating.


  1. Drink water. The water is very important in order to eliminate the toxins in the organism. You should drink 2l of water per day, in order to be hydrated.

You can also use natural ingredients in order to eliminate the bad odors. The lemon can help you get rid of them. Put a lemon slice under your armpits for 15 minutes. The lemon eliminates the bacteria and it hydrates the skin.