Prepare the face skin for an epilation

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Prepare the face skin for an epilation

The facial skin is not the same as the skin on the body. The face skin has more sensitive areas, such as the lips and the eyebrows.

You need to prepare the skin before removing the hair. You need to choose the best method adapted on your skin type and you need to nourish the skin after the hair removal, in order to avoid redness and acne on the skin.



  • Make a face scrub. To prepare the skin, you need to make a face scrub. It is better to use homemade or natural scrubs, in order to remove the dead cells and to be able to remove all the hair. Normally, the face skin is thinner and more sensible, so, the hair is also thinner and it is not common to have ingrown hair. However, it is recommended to do a scrub before the epilation.


  • Use facial masks. You need to apply facial masks once per week, in order to have a healthy skin. You should exfoliate the face one day before the epilation, because the masks make the skin gentle. It is always better to use homemade or natural masks.


  • Wash the face with a neutral soap. To open the pores, you need to wash the face with a soap. The neutral soap doesn’t disturb the pH of the skin. You can also use a soap which contains essential oils to make the skin gentle.


  • Do a facial sauna. To open the pores, you can also do a facial sauna, before the epilation. Otherwise, you can do the epilation after showering.


  • Apply talc. To avoid redness or acne, you can apply talc on the most sensible zones. The wax can cause skin reactions and irritations. The talc also eliminates the excess of sebum, so you will avoid having a shiny skin.


Don’t forget to nourish the skin after the epilation. It is better to use an aloe vera gel to avoid redness on the skin, or essential oils adapted on your skin type.