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The apples are very healthy for the organism. The apples help us stay in a good health. But the apples are also beauty activators which save our skin and make it radiant. There are not a lot of beauty products based on apples, but you can always enjoy in their benefits by making homemade cosmetics.     A homemade face mask to nourish the bronzed skin. The bronzed skin is a dehydrated skin. Yes, we know that everybody wants to have a bronzed skin, but the bronzed skin is actually not a healthy skin. The bronzed skin is a burnt...

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  There are different types of milk. There is a milk from an animal and a vegetarian milk. The milks from the animals are: cow’s milk, goat’s milk and sheep’s milk. The vegetarian milks are several: coconut milk, sweet almond milk, soy milk etc. We can use those milks to refresh the skin. We have found some tips on how to take care of your skin by using milk.     A facial mask for a dry skin. The raw milk is very beneficial for the skin, because it’s very hydrating. To hydrate the dry skin, you should do this...

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It is essential to cleanse the face in order to get rid of the impurities and to open the pores, so you can have a glowing skin. The cleansing is the next step after the makeup removing phase and before the face cream phase. Normally, there are plenty of cleansing products out there, such as toners, gels, soaps, micellar waters etc., but there are also natural ways of cleansing the face.     A floral water in the morning. It is essential to gently cleanse the face every morning. A part from the mild toners, you can also use natural...

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In winter the hands are dry and damaged. Sometimes, the hand creams from the shops don’t help. In order to have hydrated and nourished hands, you should treat them every day, but you should also use hydrating and nourishing creams. So, how to do a homemade hand cream, so you can have soft hands even in winter?     A hand cream for dry damaged hands. In order to hydrate and nourish the dry damaged hands, you should do this homemade hand cream:   50 gr shea butter 6 drops of vitamin E 2 tablespoons carrot essential oil 20 to...

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In winter we don’t have a lot of energy. We like staying at home and drink tea or hot chocolate, because it’s very cold outside. But because our skin is dry, we can revive it with a winter therapy. It’s a homemade therapy based on homemade care. You won’t have to go to a beauty salon and leave your house.     A mask for a sensitive skin. The sensitive skin is even more sensitive in winter because of the cold weather. To take care of this type of skin and to nourish it, you can prepare this homemade mask....

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