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Vitamins are the best for the overall body health. Moreover, they affect the appearance and health of the skin. Among them, vitamin C is the most important. This vitamin can reduce sun damage and acne scars, and make the skin look fresh and youthful, by giving a glowing skin complexion.   Below are some of the best skin benefits of this magical vitamin: Vitamin C can help reduce the appearance of dark spots and under eye circles. Vitamin C can protect the skin from the long-term damaging effects of UVA and UV B rays. Vitamin C can fight viral and...

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  Everybody wants to look tanned. If you don’t use self-tanners and if you don’t want to expose your skin on the sun, but, you would like to look tanned, we have found the perfect makeup tricks on how to fake a tan with using only makeup. The makeup is really an art, so with these tricks you can easily fake your tan.     To start, don’t forget to hydrate the skin with your daily cream. On the market we can find colored drops, with which you can color your skin naturally and which don’t contain self – tanners....

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The nettle is a plant which is equally beneficial for the skin, the hair and the nails. For the hair, the nettle shampoo is used to eliminate the dandruff and to stimulate the growth of the hair. If you would like to stimulate the growth of your hair, you need to put ampules of B vitamins in your nettle shampoo. The nettle shampoo regenerates the scalp thanks to the properties of the nettle for the scalp skin.     Our secret for a healthy skin is the nettle. The nettle detoxifies the skin and is excellent for a body care, because...

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You bought the blush from your dreams, the magical eye shadow or the compact powder which is perfect for your complexion, but unfortunately it broke (oh no!) … We have found helpful tips on how to fix and maintain the broken makeup products, in order to avoid the stress and so you are able to use them.     To fix a broken eye shadow you will need:   Aluminum paper 70 ° alcohol A small hammer A coin A sheet of paper towel You put the eye shadow on the aluminum paper. You fold the paper on two and...

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The avocado is always a part of our meal. The avocado is a very powerful antioxidant, rich in fibers and it is the ally of the persons who want to lose weight.   The avocado is frequently used in cosmetics and is a part of a lot of hair and skin products. We have found several avocado masks, so you can enjoy in its benefits for the face skin.     Avocado mask to soften the skin. This mask is recommended for a combination skin. To make it you need:   Ingredients:   The flesh of half an avocado 1...

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