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Aspirin is a medication that we all use for pain, fever and inflammation. But, did you know that this ingredient can help in preventing acne? Its anti-inflammatory properties are perfect solution for removing pimples, zits, breakouts, blackheads, whiteheads and scars. It can also soften, smoothen and make the skin flawless. In one-word aspirin can transform the skin naturally. Here are a few effective remedies with aspirin: Aspirin and Apple cider vinegar Mix a few aspirin tablets with apple cider vinegar until it becomes fine mixture. Apple cider vinegar helps in exfoliation the dead skin cells and acts as a natural...

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Except the wrinkles on our forehead, around the eyes and nose, another problem that we can face on our face, are the wrinkles over the lips. Lips are one of the softest part on our face that require special care. They play a very important role when it comes to a beauty i.e., smooth, soft and clean lips enhance the beauty of the face. However, the skin around and on the lips is very thin and sensitive and it can easily get affected by many different factors such as: sun, wind and lip balms and lipsticks causing “lip lines”. Lip...

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  Applying a makeup like a pro is a dream of every women, not only you will have the best results, but putting the makeup products in the correct way will help them to stay longer on your face. There are so many products out there that sometimes can be really difficult to figure out in what order they go on. If you want to know keep scrolling and learn exactly how to apply your makeup in the right order. #1. Primer Before anything else apply primer. The primer creates a base on your skin for your make up products...

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Who doesn’t want fair and flawless skin tone? But, the truth is that fairness cannot be achieved overnight. The process of getting a beautiful fair skin tone requires special attention and dedication. A regular skin care routine can make the skin glowing and attractive. Here are a few tips on how to maintain a glowing skin ton with your regular beauty routine: Use cleanser or face wash on a regular basis to remove dirt and pollution factors. Always use moisturizer. Exfoliate the skin regularly to remove all dead skin cells and open the skin pores so that the skin can...

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Every women knows that putting on some mascara is very important before leaving their home. When our eyelashes are long and wispy, our eyes automatically appear larger and clearer, making us look more awake and vibrant. But, not everyone wants to use tons of mascara or false eyelashes to achieve sparkle in the eyes. There are many ways to naturally improve the health and length of our natural eyelashes! Here we have the best solutions for how to grow your own lashes. Eyelash oil treatment Castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all recommended as repairing solutions. These natural...

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