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There are many uses and benefits of activated charcoal, including the removal of toxins, digestive health, anti-aging, teeth-whitening, and many more. But, in this article, we’ll see why is charcoal great for the skin. It has been proven that activated charcoal is great for the skin because it is capable of removing impurities through a process of adsorption, i.e. charcoal can pull out the dirt and the excess oil from the skin. Blackheads appear as a result of excessive sebum production that with time can clog the pores. And picking or squeezing out isn’t the best idea, as this can...

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Activated charcoal is not the same as grill and wood charcoal. It is a substance that consists some of the carbon sources like bamboo, wood, coal, coconut shell charcoal. When these carbon sources are being cooked at a high temperature, a chemical reaction occurs. When that happens, all the harsh compounds disappear and lots of good ones are added in. True activated charcoal is odorless, tasteless, and nontoxic. Activated charcoal is proven to be one with many health, beauty, detoxifying and re-energizing benefits when used safely and properly on the skin surface. The results are deep cleaned, silky and smooth...

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  Are you struggling with getting blackheads in your pores? It seems that there is not a person who is not affected by them. They usually appear on the face, especially on the nose, or more particularly, on the side of the nose. Even though they sometimes appear without usual explanation there are also some factors that contribute to their formation, such as clogged pores, excess oil production, inflammation, bacteria, hormones, smoking, skin products and even a poor diet. We know there are millions of beauty products for their treatment but since most of them contain chemicals and artificial substances...

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Throwback Beauty If You have the ability to travel through time what would you do? To have your own time machine would you do/undo some things differently? Everyone has their own dreams and desires, but we all have the same goal: health and beauty! When we did a survey we released that no one regrets spending money on makeup and beauty products. Even some of them told us they felt like they are investing in themselves. Good point here: invest in using the right cosmetic products and simply love being yourself! We agree with this one, but the trick is...

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Beauty is the most notable and remarkable aspect of all human beings. Beauty is not only a characteristic of a person, but also reason for inspiration for artists. Since long ago, the beauty of a woman has shown interest among painters, sculptors, philosophers and poets. Female face and body will always remain part of the great works of artists. Maybe standards of beauty have changed over time, due to different cultural values, but there is something that will always hold its worth: women’s skin! A beautiful and smooth skin will never go out of style. The touch of a woman...

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