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  We eat soups to lose weight, to detoxify the organism, to stay in good health and to improve the general condition of our health. Because the soups contain a lot of vitamins, we should also eat soups to improve the general condition of the skin. We have made a small list of soups, which are beneficial for the skin.     Carrot soup. The carrots contain a lot of vitamins and a beta – carotene. The beta – carotene can be found in many vegetables, but the carrots contain the most of it. The beta – carotene protects the...

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Since it’s summer, everybody wants to have the perfect golden tan. As we already know, the UV rays are very dangerous for the skin and its health. We have found few ideas on how to self-tan at home. You can use those ideas during winter time too.     Prepare the skin. First things first, you have to prepare the skin, before self - tanning:   You have to scrub your body in order not to have any kinds of spots. Your skin has to be hydrated.   Recipe No 1: the miracles of the carrot. The carrot tans the...

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