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A lot of you already know a way on how to treat the sunburns on the face and on the body, but there is one question that has not been answered yet for many: How to prevent and treat the sunburns on the scalp? The scalp skin is very sensitive and we ask ourselves how can we treat it when there is a hair on it? Can we use the same products that we use for treating the body’s skin burns? Surely, we cannot put a sunscreen lotion.   Wear a hat. To prevent the sunburns on the scalp, one...

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  The coconut oil is so popular lately that you can find it in every store, every beauty product and in every skin routine. From dermatologists to beauty experts, everyone is recommending the usage of this magic potion because of its beauty and skin benefits plus studies and researches have found that the coconut oil is the best thing that can happen to your skin. Here are some face masks with the coconut oil for different skin issues that you can make at home because they are super easy to prepare and can make your skin beautiful in a natural...

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