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The primer is very important. With the primer the makeup lasts longer, your complexion is fresh and it covers some imperfections on the skin. You should do your own homemade natural makeup primer because there is a 0 waste, it is very ecological and it is a natural product for sure.     Rice water. The rice water can be used as a primer to mattify the complexion. It is ideal for an oily skin. It has the power of absorbing the excess sebum. There are no unwanted effects.   A primer for all the skin types:   Ingredients:  ...

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The oily skin can be a problem if you don’t know how to treat it properly. The oily skin is a shiny skin. This type of skin is prone to acne and it can produce blackheads and whiteheads very often. But you shouldn’t be disappointed if you have an oily skin because the oily skin shows the signs of the skin aging the last. The dry skin ages the first. Stop with these bad habits in order to avoid problems.     Change the cleansers with soaps. The cleansers can help you get rid of the sebum, not only the...

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The apricot is not only a delicious fruit, but it is also used in cosmetics. The apricot is recommended for all the skin types, but it makes miracles for the dry skin, the tired skin and the skin prone to acne. It’s a fruit rich with vitamins, minerals and it’s a powerful antioxidant. The apricot has all that it takes to refresh the skin.     A mask against acne. This mask can easily be done and it is very efficient. The apricot is on the list of fruits which are the richest with the vitamins A, B, C and...

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The nature is the best doctor. There are a lot of plants that heal the organism. The traditional medicine that uses plants to remedy different diseases is called herbal medicine. Because there are a lot of skin diseases it is already proven that different plants and flowers can remedy acne, pimples, psoriasis etc.     The rose. The benefits of the rose for the skin are well known since the ancient times. The rose water is a natural tonic for the sensitive skin, because the rose doesn’t irritate the skin and it is very gentle. The rose is part of...

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The carrot is rich with vitamin A, beta – carotene and fibers. Its content is very efficient in improving the skin’s health. The carrot is used to get a bronze tan, to slow down the skin aging, to remedy acne and to improve the general state of the skin.     A carrot to prepare a homemade anti – wrinkles mask. Because the carrots slow down the skin aging, you can use it to prepare a homemade anti – wrinkles mask:   Ingredients:   a carrot ½ cup of lemon juice You should mix the carrot puree with the lemon...

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