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The apples are very healthy for the organism. The apples help us stay in a good health. But the apples are also beauty activators which save our skin and make it radiant. There are not a lot of beauty products based on apples, but you can always enjoy in their benefits by making homemade cosmetics.     A homemade face mask to nourish the bronzed skin. The bronzed skin is a dehydrated skin. Yes, we know that everybody wants to have a bronzed skin, but the bronzed skin is actually not a healthy skin. The bronzed skin is a burnt...

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To take a shower regularly it means to have a good hygiene. The morning shower has different benefits than the evening shower. But what are the benefits of the shower for the skin and how to successfully have a shower which makes your skin and organism healthy?     Use baby soaps. If a product is recommended for children, it is also recommended for adults. The babies and the children are the most vulnerable and the most sensitive category. You shouldn’t believe in products which are not recommended for babies and pregnant women. The baby soaps are mild and hydrating....

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We should take care of our skin regularly, during the whole year, but it is in winter when we should take care of it the most. It is in winter when the skin is the driest. No matter the skin type, everybody should nourish the skin. Even the oiliest skin can become dry in winter. You should give the right treatment to your skin in order to nourish it, so you can have a healthy skin in winter.     Nourish the skin during the night. To have a healthy skin, you should nourish it during the night by using...

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It is very important to purify the skin in order to have a healthy skin. A skin purification is an elimination of the impurities. The impurities are the toxins. The skin is like a sponge. During the day, because of the pollution, the cigarettes and because of other exterior factors, the impurities accumulate in the skin, which results in acne, grey skin, wrinkles, premature aging etc.     Because the impurities can cause acne, we have found a natural solution to eliminate acne et to purify the skin at the same time. One way to eliminate the toxins is to...

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The little ones also want to use perfumes. The perfumes which we buy, contain toxins that accumulate in the children’s skin. This is why it is always better to make a homemade perfume for your child with naturel ingredients, which are safe to be used. You can buy an interesting bottle so your child can accept the perfume.     A perfume based on rose. To prepare this perfume you need rose petals. Normally, you can use 30 to 35 rose petals, but the number of the petals depends on the quantity of the perfume that you want to get....

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