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The massages have a calming effect, improve our mood and improve our physical health. But did you know that the massages were also good for the skin? The massages tonify and strengthen the skin and reduce the cellulite. Because normally the massages are made with essential oils, the skin can benefit from their effect at the end of the session.     We already know that doing sports is very important for the general health and for the skin too. But, after every gym session, we have inflamed muscles. The massage is a solution for relaxing the muscles after a...

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If you happened to have oily skin then you know that the battle against acne and breakouts is tough. But, there are certain ingredients that can help win the fight and reduce the excessive production of oil on the face.   Below there is a list of the best home ingredients that will help you get rid of the “greasy look”.   Rosewater Rose water can help clean the clogged pores and gently tone the skin surface. The use of rose water on a daily basis will clean the skin and keep it away from various infections. Boil a cup...

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It is well known that the essential and vegetable oils rejuvenate the skin, improve the microcirculation and improve the skin’s elasticity. With other words, the essential and vegetable oils have an anti – aging effect on the skin.  Because there are a lot of different oils, we made a small list of those that have an anti – aging effect on the skin.     Lavender oil. The lavender oil is commonly known to reduce the stress, to remedy the scars from acne and to have an antibacterial effect on the skin. But this oil can also slow the aging...

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One should take care of the skin for the entire life, but it's at the age of 25 when one should start using anti - age products. The secret is to hydrate the skin at all times, to avoid having wrinkles, acne and other skin diseases. The masks are the second step after the face scrub, in order to hydrate the skin profoundly.  We have made a small list of homemade masks to help you prevent the wrinkles.     - A kiwi mask. Not only that the kiwi helps in curing the acne, but the kiwi is also very...

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According to one legend, an Italian aristocrat from the 17th century named Anna-Marie de Nerola, in her skin care routine was using one essential oil extracted from the blossoms of the bitter orange tree, named after her Neroli oil. Neroli oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils in perfumery and aromatherapy because of its distinctive citrus scent. Although many people think of “cologne” as a cosmetic fragrance, Eau de Cologne is actually the name of a specific fragrance formula from neroli. When used properly, neroli oil is nontoxic, won’t irritate, and is safe for sensitive skin. It...

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