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The eyebrows are very important for leaving a good impression. The face and your face’s look change right away when your eyebrows are well done. Your eyebrows should always be well nourished and well brushed. The well-made eyebrows with makeup, intensify the look and leave the impression of a seductive look. It is essential for both, men and women, to have well done eyebrows.     Nourish the eyebrows. To have thick eyebrows naturally, you need to nourish them regularly. You need to use essential oils which favorize the growth of the eyebrows. You need to use garlic oil, nettle...

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When you wear glasses is a little bit difficult to do your makeup. Not only that you don’t see very well, but it is hard because you also want to accentuate the eyes (since the glasses hide them), but without using a heavy makeup. We have the best advices on how to accentuate the eyes and wear the makeup the whole day: The mascara is a must! If you want to accentuate and draw more attention to your eyes, you MUST use a mascara. Don’t even think of leaving the house without a mascara on your eyes. The mascara is...

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Nowadays, the problem with eyebrow dandruff is not unknown. And instead of hitting straight to an expensive treatment, we should really considerate treating our eyebrows with some home ingredients available in our kitchen. So, let’s see what causes this problem and how to deal with it. Dry and flaky skin is the primary reason for getting eyebrow dandruff, and the first thing that we can do to treat the dryness is to apply a thick layer of moisturizer or face cream. This will prevent further drying and will gradually decrease dandruff. Another way of getting rid of this skin condition...

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