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Nowadays we often forget that everyday habits can contribute to skin aging. So, maybe it’s time to evaluate some of our daily routines. The foods we eat and the way we sleep are some of the habits that can add years to our face. We’ve prepared a list of 8 bad habits that we MUST change in order to maintain our skin healthy and young. Stress Chronic stress releases free radicals, that can damage cells that are responsible for aging.   Sweets Sweets may add years to our face because, sugar molecules attach themselves to protein fibers in each of...

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  The dark circles, which can be dark or very dark, are the circles which appear under the eyes. They normally appear because of a lack of sleep, allergies, smoking, illnesses, stress or because of some medical treatments. Why to pay a lot at the saloons, when you can get rid of them naturally.     Drink water. If the dark circles appear in the morning, and they disappear during the day, this means that you don’t drink enough water. A lot of people have different problems because they don’t drink enough water. The recommended quantity is 8 glasses per...

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Wrinkles forming over the eyes aren’t something unexpected. As we get old those wrinkles will appear more and more. This is perfectly normal in aging. But, we shouldn’t despair as there are ways through which we can easily create a different look in our eyes by hiding the wrinkles. Let us discuss the makeup tips through which we can make ourselves look totally different.   For those with wrinkled eyes we have some effective make up tips. Only with the right makeup technique and tools we can make disappear those annoying wrinkles in a minute.    Concealer and makeup Concealers...

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The makeup setting spray is used to keep your makeup in place. It can be used to make your colors more intensive, especially the eyeshadow colors. It can also be used before the primer or after the foundation. This depends on the skin type or if we want to underline the foundation color. To have the best results, you should spray 20 – 30 cm from the face.     A settling spray for an oily skin:   Ingredients:   An old spray bottle 45 ml water 15 ml hamamelis water without alcohol 15 g aloe vera gel 6 drops...

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While we sleep, our skin and bodies are in repair mode. Sleep deprivation can lead to a number of skin issues and we may start to see more fine lines, hyperpigmentation, sagged skin, moisture loss, dark circles, puffy eyes and a dull, washed out complexion. After an inadequate sleep, it gets released the stress hormone cortisol that breaks down the collagen and makes the skin more prominent to wrinkles and fine lines. But, if we have a habit of sleeping 8 hours we will give a chance to our skin to heal and improve itself from the day's damage. It’s...

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