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The eyebrows are very important for leaving a good impression. The face and your face’s look change right away when your eyebrows are well done. Your eyebrows should always be well nourished and well brushed. The well-made eyebrows with makeup, intensify the look and leave the impression of a seductive look. It is essential for both, men and women, to have well done eyebrows.     Nourish the eyebrows. To have thick eyebrows naturally, you need to nourish them regularly. You need to use essential oils which favorize the growth of the eyebrows. You need to use garlic oil, nettle...

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The potato is very beneficial for the skin, the hair and the general health. If you know how to use it, the potato can help you solve a lot of problems with the complexion, the skin, acne, dark circles etc. The potato is rich with vitamins and minerals, which soften the skin.     The potato for a glowing skin. Because everybody dreams of heaving a glowing face naturally, the potato can help you improve the condition of your complexion. In order to do so, it is sufficient to prepare a potato homemade mask. To make it, you will need:...

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We all know how much coconut oil is good for the skin, but do we know what it can help us and in how many ways can we use it?   Here we have 10 ways we can add the coconut oil to our skin care regimen.   Coconut oil body butter Mix shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, and any essential oil and use it after the shower to lock in moisture.  This will help the skin stay moisturized, with the fat preventing moisture loss through the skin’s pores. These fats give the skin a healthy, smooth and even...

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The eye area is the first to show age since the eyelid is the thinnest skin on the body. There isn't a specific age to add an eye cream into the skincare routine, but people with excessively dry skin, very dark circles or crow's feet are the best candidates. Therefore, prevention is the best effective tactic and easier than repairing the damage. So, taking care of the skin around the eyes in the 20's will slow down the process. Eye creams with lightening properties and caffeine can decrease the puffiness while retinol and vitamin C can stimulate collagen production and...

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Have you've ever wondered what makes eyes puffy, what causes dark circles, and what so-called bags even are? We have the answer to all of these questions. Read below to clear up once and for all what’s the difference between these occurrences.   Dark Circles Dark circles are caused by the genetics. The skin on the under-eye area is so thin and translucent that you can easily see the underlying veins and therefore looks purple or bluish. This appears most often in people with fair skin. Additionally, lack of sleep increases venous congestion making the dark circles look even darker....

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