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To have a perfect skin, you should hydrate it at all times, but the summer time is the period when it should be the most hydrated. To be hydrated, you need to drink a lot of water and to consume fruits which are mostly consisted of water. The watermelon is the fruit which hydrates the skin the most.   Why to eat a watermelon?   To lose weight. You can eat watermelon without feeling guilty. You can lose weight by eating a watermelon.   To refresh the skin. Because during the summer time, the skin is exposed to the sun,...

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You already know about the importance of eight-hour night sleep however, sometimes that’s not enough if you want to have healthy and hydrated skin, whiter teeth by morning and soft feet... For achieving these you’ll need a bit of beauty sleep treatment during the night. Here are 5 simple beauty treatments that will make you look beautiful while you sleep: Beauty treatment no. 1: For dry, cracked, or calloused feet, there's a simple trick that will fix them fast and it’s called "cotton socks". Apply first a thick layer of moisturizer or vaseline and then put on some old cotton socks. The...

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Bananas are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. They are extremely healthy and delicious. They contain essential nutrients such as: Vitamins A, B, E, C, minerals like phosphorus, calcium, iron that can provide many health benefits. Eating them could help lower blood pressure, accelerate digestion, improve heart health and help in weight loss. But, who knew that the delicious banana can offer so many beauty benefits too? It's powerful anti-oxidants, phytochemicals and moisturizing properties can nourish and revitalize dry skin as well as smoothen rough and aging skin. Further it can control the oil secretion and...

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All women have body and facial hair but, facial hair is usually light colored and smaller than the rest of the body hair. However, for some women, the hair growth is extensive and coarse. This is because of the high level of androgens, including testosterone. When there is excessive hair growth amongst women, the condition is called hirsutism, usually caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). But, the god news is that the excess hair growth can be treated by a handful of natural and effective home remedies. Here we’ve prepared a few homemade mixtures to help you get rid of...

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If you’ve always wanted to have a soft, supple and nourished skin but, despite the fact that you’ve tried all treatments to get that glowing skin, still nothing happened. Then it’s time to try something different and simple that can help you make your wish come true. Except that it is good for a healthy diet the egg white can do wonders to your skin too! Surprised? Still in doubt? We will prove you are wrong. Egg white is full of essential nutrients and minerals that can boost your skin's health in a natural way. Albumin is a vital protein...

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