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The scalp is the skin on the scull. We have a habit of treating the hair, but not the scalp. All of the hair problems are caused by a bad sculp treatment. To have a healthy hair, one should have a healthy scalp. We have the best advices on how to treat the scalp, in order to have healthy hair.     Nourish the scalp. Just like we need to nourish the face skin and the body, we should also nourish the scalp. We need to use essential oils to get rid of all the hair problems and to stimulate...

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Unfortunately, today the stress is an inevitable part of our daily life. We have accepted the stress as if it was a normal thing. The stress is the reason for many diseases and sometimes, we have insomnia because of the stress. There are different ways to get rid of the stress, but if you would like to get rid of it quickly and without making any effort, then you can make your own homemade sleep spray, so you are able to sleep like an angel.     Sleeping sprays based on essential oils. The simplest sleeping sprays are those which...

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There are natural odors that wake our senses and relax us. The wake of the senses is a sort of aromatherapy, but we are talking about specific substances and foods, which we can also use for a skin care. The aromatherapy helps reduce the stress, which is the main reason for acne. We have made a small list of natural ingredients that wake our senses and that can be used for a skin care at the same time:     Lavender oil. The lavender is very famous because of its specific smell that relaxes us. The lavender oil is recommended...

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It is normal for the lips to be drier in autumn. The climate changes, the temperature and the winds are responsible for it. The organism loses vitamins. The lips can also get dry because of some makeup products. Some of the matte lipsticks make the lips dry and you get “lips like a stone”. Another factor which leads to dry lips, is the dehydration. If you take care of your lips on a daily bases, you will avoid having dry and dehydrated lips.     Exfoliate the lips. You need to exfoliate the lips before hydrating them. The homemade pilings...

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You received a gift. It was a rose bouquet. You have a garden in your yard and you have roses in your garden. Did you know that you can use the rose petals? No need to throw them away. The rose has a lot of benefits for the skin.     Prepare a rose water. The rose water is a natural toner, which cleanses the skin profoundly. The rose water is recommended for a sensitive and for a dry skin. To prepare a natural rose water, you will need:   5 dl of a distilled water 20 g of sea...

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