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The eyebrows are very important for leaving a good impression. The face and your face’s look change right away when your eyebrows are well done. Your eyebrows should always be well nourished and well brushed. The well-made eyebrows with makeup, intensify the look and leave the impression of a seductive look. It is essential for both, men and women, to have well done eyebrows.     Nourish the eyebrows. To have thick eyebrows naturally, you need to nourish them regularly. You need to use essential oils which favorize the growth of the eyebrows. You need to use garlic oil, nettle...

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Long, luscious eyelashes are one of those things desired by many women all over the world. They can be achieved with different types of mascaras due to their ability to darken, lengthen, curl, color and thicken the eyelashes, typically applied with a brush or rod. However, most mascara products on the market today contain numerous chemicals, which may be super toxic. But there’s good news. We have the recipe for making super easy natural and non-toxic mascara everyone should have in their beauty purse.     TOTAL TIME NEEDED: 10 minutes INGREDIENTS: 1 tsp. coconut oil 1 tsp. aloe vera...

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Every women knows that putting on some mascara is very important before leaving their home. When our eyelashes are long and wispy, our eyes automatically appear larger and clearer, making us look more awake and vibrant. But, not everyone wants to use tons of mascara or false eyelashes to achieve sparkle in the eyes. There are many ways to naturally improve the health and length of our natural eyelashes! Here we have the best solutions for how to grow your own lashes. Eyelash oil treatment Castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil are all recommended as repairing solutions. These natural...

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