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The peeling is very important in order to have a healthy skin. We have to do a face peeling to detoxify the skin, a body peeling to get rid of the ingrown hair and a peeling on the scalp to stimulate the hair growth. The scalp peeling improves the blood circulation, which stimulates the hair growth.     A scrub which nourishes the scalp. The peeling can also nourish the scalp. A nourished scalp means shiny hair. To prepare this scrub, you will need:   3 tablespoons sweet almond oil 2 tablespoons fine salt You mix the ingredients in order...

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Because the skin is our foundation, we have to take a good care of it. We should cleanse, hydrate and nourish the skin on a daily basis and we should do facials at least once a week. The facials detoxify the skin, can get you rid of acne and pimples and improve the skin’s elasticity. Which facial treatment is better for you?     Rose based facial treatment. The rose is used a lot in cosmetics. Its petals and its water make miracles for the dry and sensitive skin.   Rose based peeling: to prepare it you will need:  ...

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There are a lot of essential and vegetable oils which make miracles for the skin. The essential oils are also used in the aromatherapy, as they have a calming effect. In the cosmetic salons, the essential oils are used to do massages, because they improve the microcirculation. If you decide to change your body lotion for oils, you will have a lot of benefits.     Lemongrass essential oil. It’s an oil which is especially recommended for an oily skin. This oil can resolve your problems with the skin irritations, it can remedy the pimples and it has an anti...

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It is important to always have open pores, so the skin can function properly. Closed pores are the reason for acne, pimples and blackheads. There are several factors that lead to closed pores. The makeup, especially the foundation, closes the pores and the skin can’t breathe. The pollution also closes the pores. So, it is essential to know how to open the pores.     It is very important to remove the makeup. Because the makeup closes the pores, we have to remove the makeup at the end of the day. During the night, the skin renews itself. If the...

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When you’re dealing with a pimple or breakout, squeezing can feel like the best solution. But, picking is bad and can cause scarring and other skin issues. We are here to tell you exactly what will happen if you do or don’t squeeze your blackheads, cystic zits, whiteheads, and classic zits… Read below to find out.   BLACKHEADS! When clogged pores are exposed to the air, they can oxidize and turn black. So, if you squeeze them, they will produce dirt and cause inflammation. What’s more important, all that squeezing can damage the pores and make them larger. But, if...

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