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On the market we can find a lot of facial masks based on clay. The clay is being used in the beauty rituals since the ancient times. The clay comes in several colors and each type of clay has different benefits for the skin. The clay can be beneficial for every skin type and let’s see why it is very used in cosmetics.     Green clay. The green clay contains much more minerals than the white clay, the rose clay, the red clay and the yellow clay. This type of clay has nourishing, absorbing, purifying and disinfectant powers. Those...

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The hands dry out very quickly if we wash them frequently. The cold in winter dries and damages them and it’s not very easy to take a good care of them. The hand cream is not always the best solution. You should use regular scrubs and essential oils to nourish them. Which oils to use for dry and damaged hands?     Olive oil. Because during the day we wash our hands frequently, you can massage the hands with an olive oil before going to bed, in order to get better results. The olive oil repairs the skin and it...

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The pineapple is an exotic fruit which can be found in summer, but also in winter. The pineapple is rich with vitamins C, B1 and B6, which boost the immunity system, but are also good for the skin. Let’s see why should we use it and consume it:     The pineapple detoxifies the skin. It is well known that the pineapple can help us lose some weight. We can lose weight by eating pineapple, because the pineapple detoxifies both, the organism and the skin. It is consisted of minerals which help eliminate all the toxins accumulated in the organism...

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The peeling is very important in order to have a healthy skin. We have to do a face peeling to detoxify the skin, a body peeling to get rid of the ingrown hair and a peeling on the scalp to stimulate the hair growth. The scalp peeling improves the blood circulation, which stimulates the hair growth.     A scrub which nourishes the scalp. The peeling can also nourish the scalp. A nourished scalp means shiny hair. To prepare this scrub, you will need:   3 tablespoons sweet almond oil 2 tablespoons fine salt You mix the ingredients in order...

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It is very important to purify the skin in order to have a healthy skin. A skin purification is an elimination of the impurities. The impurities are the toxins. The skin is like a sponge. During the day, because of the pollution, the cigarettes and because of other exterior factors, the impurities accumulate in the skin, which results in acne, grey skin, wrinkles, premature aging etc.     Because the impurities can cause acne, we have found a natural solution to eliminate acne et to purify the skin at the same time. One way to eliminate the toxins is to...

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