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The primer is very important. With the primer the makeup lasts longer, your complexion is fresh and it covers some imperfections on the skin. You should do your own homemade natural makeup primer because there is a 0 waste, it is very ecological and it is a natural product for sure.     Rice water. The rice water can be used as a primer to mattify the complexion. It is ideal for an oily skin. It has the power of absorbing the excess sebum. There are no unwanted effects.   A primer for all the skin types:   Ingredients:  ...

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A beauty addict is a person who loves buying and using cosmetic products. Body lotions, hand creams, lipsticks, eyeshadow pallets, facial toners and lip pencils are just some examples of products that the beauty addicts buy every day. Why are we addicted to the cosmetic products?     The cosmetics boost our confidence. The beauty products are made to help us improve our look. The cremes, the lotions, the toners and the face masks improve the condition of our skin. The makeup makes us beautiful. This means that the cosmetic products boost our confidence which is the reason why we...

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We already know which foods can eliminate and prevent wrinkles, but there are also drinks which can renew your skin. There are drinks which you can buy and which are based on hyaluronic acid or collagen based, but there are also natural drinks.     Powder drink based on natural amino acids. You can buy a powdered drink based on natural amino acids which stimulates the collagen production. This drink can reduce the wrinkles up to 30%. It is also an anti – aging product which hydrates the skin profoundly.   A collagen-based drink. The collagen is not only good...

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Christmas has passed, but the winter is still here. It’s that time of the year when we relax and we stay at home. The bath salts are perfect for relaxing. You can do homemade bath salts if you don’t know what to bring as a gift to someone or if you want to prepare the perfect bath salt according to your taste.     A recipe to sleep better. To relax and to sleep better, you can prepare a bath salt based on essential oils. To prepare it, you will need:   pink clay powder 200 grams of sea salt...

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The black masks are very popular nowadays. They are consisted of vitamins, charcoal, menthol etc. The charcoal is a natural product which cleanses, purifies and eliminates the impurities of the skin. Why to pay a lot at a cosmetician when you can eliminate the blackheads and the acne at home. This is why the black mask is very effective:     The mask can be used by everybody. Generally, this mask is meant to eliminate the blackheads and acne, but it can also be used by everybody. This mask is suitable for all the skin types because its main ingredient...

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