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  The skin hydration is essential in order to have a healthy skin. It is very important to stay hydrated to avoid serious diseases. It is not sufficient to only drink water to have a hydrated skin. You should also apply masks once in a week. The homemade masks are very efficient, natural, organic and economical.     Banana and honey mask. This mask nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly. The banana is a very powerful antioxidant and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The honey is the most hydrating ingredient. To prepare it, you need to mix one...

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The skin loses its elasticity over the years. The collagen production is decreased. The aging process begins. In order to improve the skin condition, you need to use anti - age products. But, can we really trust the anti - age products? It is always simpler to trust the nature.      - Wash the face with a rice water. The rice water is a powerful antioxidant which helps in improving the skin's elasticity. It is rich with vitamin E and it hydrates the skin profoundly. It is a natural protection against the UV rays. To prolong the skin's aging,...

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A lot of you already know a way on how to treat the sunburns on the face and on the body, but there is one question that has not been answered yet for many: How to prevent and treat the sunburns on the scalp? The scalp skin is very sensitive and we ask ourselves how can we treat it when there is a hair on it? Can we use the same products that we use for treating the body’s skin burns? Surely, we cannot put a sunscreen lotion.   Wear a hat. To prevent the sunburns on the scalp, one...

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  The dark circles, which can be dark or very dark, are the circles which appear under the eyes. They normally appear because of a lack of sleep, allergies, smoking, illnesses, stress or because of some medical treatments. Why to pay a lot at the saloons, when you can get rid of them naturally.     Drink water. If the dark circles appear in the morning, and they disappear during the day, this means that you don’t drink enough water. A lot of people have different problems because they don’t drink enough water. The recommended quantity is 8 glasses per...

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The water is the elixir of life. It is the secret for having a perfect skin that looks younger than it is. We can’t live without water. Our body is consisted of 60% water. If we don’t drink water, our skin becomes greyish, tired and it develops acnes. The dark circles around the eyes are not always a reaction from the lack of sleep. If we don’t drink water, they become even darker. If we don’t drink water we become dehydrated and we eat more than we should. It is also more possible for our skin to develop acnes. We...

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