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We all do know that goat’s milk is a healthy food, but did you know that goat’s milk is also a miraculous skincare ingredient because of its unique nourishing properties. It is rich in super moisturizing essential fatty acids and triglycerides that have a PH similar to ours and are less irritating and more easily absorbed by our skin. On the other hand, its lactic acid content helps to maintain brighter and healthier skin complexion. With its healing benefits, our skin will be much healthier with natural skin glow.   Read below to find out about the wonderful properties of...

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Olive oil is natural oil derived from the olives and has extremely delicious taste and is also very good for our health and beauty. However, rarely anyone knows about the benefits of the ozonated form of this natural oil. This type of olive oil is produced by using cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The manufacturing process goes by putting the oil through a ‘ozone injection’. This process involves bubbling the ozone into the oil for an extended period until it is ready for use. Ozonated olive oil has numerous benefits especially for the skin. Its properties can help stimulate...

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From lemon juice to baking soda and petroleum jelly...are they good for our skin? Let’s find out right away!   Lemon juice Healthy skin has a slightly acidic pH which can help remove the unwanted bacteria from the skin. Lemon juice is a natural skin brightener which contains citric acid and to get this slightly acidic effect on the skin, use lemon juice as a mild astringent. But, make sure to dilute it with water into a 50-50 solution because, it can irritate or burn the skin.   Baking soda Baking soda is a natural facial scrub and skin brightener...

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The Chinese were the first ones to discover that the pearl powder and the hydrolyzed pearl can have their place in the cosmetics for healing the skin. The pearls improve the complexion, detoxify the skin and have a therapeutic and tonifying effect on the face skin, which allows them to find their place in the medicine too.     For smoothing the face skin. The pearl powder is rich with amino acids that give the skin the nourishment needed to regenerate the skin cells. There are creams based on pearl powder which can help by providing the needed care for...

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Summer time is here and we are all happy about that, but some things like sweat, sun-damaged skin, and breakouts aren’t so fun. Warmer temperatures bring their own bunch of problems. The rise of the temperatures can cause sunburns and unexpected breakouts and more! Here are the most frequent problems that happen in summer: Problem no. 1: DULL SKIN! Many people suffer from dull, uneven skin. For achieving natural skin glow as warmer months are here, firstly we have to focus on beautifying our skin from the inside out. Getting the proper nutrients that our skin desperately needs is crucial...

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