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All women wear makeup in order to look beautiful and to hide the imperfections. But we, the modern women of the 21st century, are not the first ones to wear makeup. Women have worn makeup since the ancient times. Every century had a femme fatal who was the most beautiful one for that time. Cleopatra was between the first women who did their makeup. She is still a synonym for beauty. Not only that she had been doing her makeup, but she also had been doing some beauty treatments to nourish her skin. Nefertiti is also a beauty symbol of...

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  The seaweed has an important place in cosmetics. The spirulina is an algae which is a very powerful antioxidant, rich in proteins. We can find it on the market in a form of a powder.   The spirulina is used to grow the hair faster and to improve the general health of the hair. We use the spirulina for the skin too. Spirulina remedies acne, hydrates the dry skin, lightens the skin etc. The spirulina has a wide usage in cosmetics:     For the hair: the spirulina can help the hair grow faster, can help prevent and avoid...

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The massages have a calming effect, improve our mood and improve our physical health. But did you know that the massages were also good for the skin? The massages tonify and strengthen the skin and reduce the cellulite. Because normally the massages are made with essential oils, the skin can benefit from their effect at the end of the session.     We already know that doing sports is very important for the general health and for the skin too. But, after every gym session, we have inflamed muscles. The massage is a solution for relaxing the muscles after a...

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Did you know that grapes were a beauty ally? The grapes can regenerate the skin and the hair and can improve the general condition of your skin. We can use grapes directly on the skin (their oil) or, we can eat them. If we eat grapes, they can detoxify the skin and the organism and they have anti-cholesterol virtues.     To enjoy the benefits of the grapes for the skin and the hair, there is a grapeseed oil. The grapeseed oil is rich with omega 6 and 9 and with resveratrol, which is its most powerful antioxidant. The grapeseed...

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When you wear glasses is a little bit difficult to do your makeup. Not only that you don’t see very well, but it is hard because you also want to accentuate the eyes (since the glasses hide them), but without using a heavy makeup. We have the best advices on how to accentuate the eyes and wear the makeup the whole day: The mascara is a must! If you want to accentuate and draw more attention to your eyes, you MUST use a mascara. Don’t even think of leaving the house without a mascara on your eyes. The mascara is...

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