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Both the toner and the micellar water, are part of the steps of the daily facial routine. To have a perfect skin, you have to follow the facial routine every day. A facial routine means to clean and hydrate the face skin. The facial routine is obligatory no matter the skin type and no matter the age. But what is the difference between a toner and a micellar water, as both serve to clean the face with?     The micellar water is a product which does it all: it removes the makeup on the face (including the eyes) and...

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If you are wondering what those spots on your skin are, the answer is those are spots derived from excessive sun exposure. There are white or light spots and brown or dark spots which can be accompanied by other age spots. So, in this article, we will tell you what you need to know to improve their appearance. By using one of the following methods, you will succeed in fading away those stubborn stains on your skin.   White Spots on Skin White spots on skin tend to appear on the areas of the arms and legs. They are different...

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  The skin hydration is essential in order to have a healthy skin. It is very important to stay hydrated to avoid serious diseases. It is not sufficient to only drink water to have a hydrated skin. You should also apply masks once in a week. The homemade masks are very efficient, natural, organic and economical.     Banana and honey mask. This mask nourishes and hydrates the skin profoundly. The banana is a very powerful antioxidant and it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The honey is the most hydrating ingredient. To prepare it, you need to mix one...

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Sunburn happens when the amount of exposure to the sun exceeds the ability of the body to protect the skin. Symptoms of sunburn are painful red skin, swelling, and blisters. Several days after sunburn, may happen skin peeling in the burned areas accompanied by some itching. Plus, the sunburned areas are more susceptible to premature aging and skin cancer. More prone to sunburns are those with fair skin and light-colored hair. Additionally, there are sunburn treatments that can treat or ease the discomfort of the sunburn: A cold compress to the affected areas. Aspirin can relieve sunburn discomfort and inflammation....

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When it comes to the summer heat, facial mists are lifesavers. You will feel instant refreshment with just a couple of spritzes. Plus, they will give your skin an instant boost of hydration. And the good news is that you don’t have to spend tons of money on this instant pleasure. With a minimal amount of ingredients, you can actually make a homemade facial spray that's customized to fit your needs.   Follow these simple steps and make your favorite face mist for this summer: Step #1: Take a bottle You'll need a bottle made of glass or aluminum because...

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