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   Hello Ladies! The spring is just around the corner and you must prepare your skin for the beautiful weather that is about to come. The same skin care regimen doesn’t work for all seasons. The climate, more than any other factor affects the skin, so it is very important to know how to take care of your skin in every season. If winter care meant that you should protect your skin from dryness and itchiness, in the season of spring relax and enjoy the beautiful weather without too much beauty products and protection from the weather. But since your...

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Having acne is a big nightmare for all. Is there anything worse than having a bad first impression when meeting someone? Is there anything worse than having those eye-catching acne? Yes, there it is! It is called acne scars. So, what can we do about it? Is there any cure for that? To be honest, there is nothing that can make acne scars disappear right away but, we will provide you some homemade remedies that will certainly help you get rid of your problem any sooner. Yours is to find the right product that suits best for your skin and...

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     We are what we eat and drink and that is especially remarkable on our skin. Glowing skin doesn’t only mean that you should use expensive beauty products and a ton of makeup. Beauty also comes from the inside and it is very important to look out what you eat and drink. Today we are going to reveal you what are the best natural drinks that will make your skin smooth, glowing and soft and which are at the same time good for your overall health too.   Apple juice Nothing brings out the glow in your face like...

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Not only it is healthy, sweet and tasty, this natural ingredient is fabulously versatile and friendly for the skin too. There is no one in this world who doesn’t like honey. Discovered 8,000 years ago, honey was extensively used in Ancient Egypt and Greece. Legend says that it was Cleopatra’s hidden weapon for beauty and now science has proved it. It is also used in Ayurveda and the traditional Chinese medicine. From boosting our immune system to regulation of blood cholesterol and sugar levels, the healthy benefits of honey for our overall health are countless. But, these properties are good...

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Hello girls, are you tired of dealing with the persistent acne, blackheads and on top of that you spot wrinkles on your forehead??? What if we tell you that there is a big solution for this problem... We will tell you the secret of the inner beauty, in addition to flawless glowing skin but, you’ll have to promise that you will try this magic trick! It is the magic trick of the crystals. Yes, you heard good: The Crystals!!! From gem induced Beauty Products to clean your cosmetic products with the help of crystals, there are endless options to make beauty...

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