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Every girl loves makeup! We all admire the appearance of a beautifully dressed and made-up woman. The power of make-up should not be underestimated. Even a lipstick on your lips can change your whole perspective to the world. Wearing the right make-up can boost the self-confidence of every girl. We are sure you already have seen that in movies; boy meets girl, the girl is shy and insecure, but overnight she transforms in a real beauty queen. The boy loses his head after her, although the only thing she did was putting a little makeup and a skirt. Cliché!  However,...

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It is a New Year, but some desires and challenges remains the same. Every New Year we hope for the better things in our life, but we forget to look at ourselves. Let’s be honest about a few things. Who does not want to have spotless skin, hair and fit body? Entering in a room and leaving everybody wondering how you manage to look so good. This can be easily accomplished; you just need to work on one thing: discipline! Now, when the holidays are over, it is time for a complete detox. All those sweet dishes, alcohols and sleepless...

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Face care in Winter Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, perhaps due to Christmas and New Year holidays. Despite the cold weather and low temperatures, everyone is festively moody and happy. Winter is a great time to enjoy a warm home, gathered with the most beloved. Outside is snowing and you are enjoying your favorite hot drink sitting by the fireplace. Everything is like a fairy tale, but the cold weather has its own drawbacks. How often did you went for a walk, warmly wrapped, but still came home freezing? Low temperatures can be very harmful to our...

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The days to the New Year 2018 are finely counted. There is little time left to New Year’s preparations. Gifts are those that crown the moment of showing love and respect. Even the smallest present can be a reason for a smile! If you still haven’t decided what to buy as a gift, Crystal Secret is here to help you… A cosmetic beauty product will definitely make your loved ones happy. Who doesn’t love to have healthy, flawless and shiny skin? Irrelevant whether it is male or female, teenager or an adult, everyone wants to have a beautiful skin. Crystal...

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Very soon we will be welcoming the New Year 2018. Christmas went great, but are You ready for the New Year's night? We are very exited and can't wait to share our new story with all of you. New Year comes with fresh beginnings and opportunities, a perfect moment to create new plans and goal. We truly hope 2018 is going to be the year of self-fulfillment and all of your wishes will come true!  Whether you are still recovering from Christmas parties, remember to regenerate your skin.  Make sure to give your skin an exceptional care for the following...

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